Adamis Tours bus tickets

An international bus line.Just like any company of this type, it is expected to conform to the regulations of not only its country of origin, but also all the destination countries. This is perhaps the best guarantee of a high standard of service. Bus lines that can't meet the numerous requirements are not available in online booking systems.

International vehicles are equipped with a toilet, reclining chairs, individual ventilation and lights. Very often there is also a minibar hot and cold drinks. On longer routes, in nearly every case bus drivers make stops at petrol stations, where the travelers can stretch their legs and shop. Many carriers also screen movies during the ride. However, the number and type of conveniences oftentimes varies even within a single line, depending on that type of bus is used on your route.

If you are travelling with pets, before booking a ticket please consider the fact that this option is not available by default. Countries have laws that regulate animal transport, with many places not allowing animals at all. Furthermore, bus carriers can set their own rules for pets and refuse to allow them on board. Even when such an option is theoretically available, we strongly advise contacting your chosen bus line directly to confirm that they allow to transport an animal on your selected route.

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